Repairs & Renovations

There are a number of swimming pool surfaces one can choose from. Tiling, Fibreglass Lining, Marble Plaster and Bead Crete to name a few. These are the more popular finishes for swimming pools. There have been other options come and go, such as paint, epoxy paint, vinyl lining. (Vinyl lining is making a comeback around the world, but it hasn’t yet taken off in South Africa like it did 25 years ago.)

Painting a pool, although it is the cheapest option, is certainly not the best in terms of longevity. Numerous paint and epoxy paint products have been around, but are not usually sold by swimming pool professionals. They can be bought from most hardware stores. The difficulty, we have found with painting a pool surface, is that it blisters and peels after a while, and you cannot paint over an existing layer of paint. Nor can you plaster over paint or fibreglass over it. So you pretty much have to grind every square inch of paint off the surface of the pool before applying anything else.

The most popular pool surfaces in South Africa are Marble Plaster and Fibreglass Lining. Tiling a pool surface is also a favourite, but the costs of tiling a pool make it prohibitive to the average pool owner. With fibreglass lining being a good 25% to 50% more expensive option than marble, it is a lower maintenance surface, making black algae impossible to get its claws into. It can also withstand a harsher, acidic water balance and damage to the fibreglass is minimal. This makes it a preferred option for home owners who rent their property to tenants. Tenants, as a generalisation, don’t usually care much for keeping the pool water balanced.

Marble plaster pool finishes are usually preferred by those who: don’t like synthetic finishes, enjoy a more cementitious and authentic feel, and those who have been burnt by a cheap fibreglassing contractor, to find that the contractor no longer answers his phone when the fibreglass starts to peel off the wall. Marble plaster requires good water balance for it to last. Maintaining good swimming pool water balance is important in any event. Not only to protect the surface of the pool, but also to make the water comfortable for swimmers, get the most efficiency from the pool chemicals and get longevity out of other pool equipment.

Remember; always use a reputable swimming pool contractor to apply the new surface to your pool. Ensure they are members of the National Spa and Pool Institute of South Africa. A list of members can be obtained from . If you neglect to do this, the products used may not be to the correct specification, and you may not have any recourse should the product or workmanship fail before the warranty period is up.

Repairs and Renovations Blupool carry out a wide range of repairs and renovations to pools.

We can structually rehabilitate a collapsing pool, or simply fix a leaking light. For smaller jobs we only service the Durban North, Glenashley and Umhlanga area, but for larger jobs we cater for the entire Greater Durban area.

Below is a swimming pool in Glenashley, Durban North which had cracked and started moving away from the house because the ground beneath it had moved. We had to cast a stronger ring-beam around the pool, repair the cracks, and underpin the pool beneath the shell to prevent this from happening again. Our work was signed of by an engineer, and the client now has peace of mind about the stability of his pool.

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