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We know that you work long hours. We also know that the last thing you feel like doing when you get home is to start working on your swimming pool.

Weekends are for diving into the pool and swimming, not cleaning out leaf traps, backwashing filters and testing the chemicals!

Our trained staff are efficient in testing and dosing pool water with the correct chemicals required to keep your pool sparkling clean and beautiful - all year round.

We have a sophisticated scheduling and reporting system that allows us to communicate with you immediately when we detect faulty or leaking pool equipment.

Hire us to clean your swimming pool once a week so that all you have to do is swim in it!

Contact us now for a quote on weekly cleaning.

Our maintenance division services:

  • Umhlanga
  • Durban North
  • Berea 

Approximate Prices Per Month

Pool Size Salt Chlorinated Pools / Excluding Chemicals  Including Chemicals
8,000L to 19,000L
R500.00 R600.00
20,000L to 40,000L
R600.00 R700.00
50,000L to 80,000L
R720.00 R800.00
80, 000L +
Subject to Assessment

Subject to Assessment

Maintenance includes:

  • 1 service per week

          We visit the pool weekly to service it

  • Clean weir baskets

          We clear the weir basket of all leaves

  • Scoop leaves

          We scoop the leaves from the swimming pool

  • Vacuum debris (When applicable)

          If necessary, we vacuum the pool floor and walls through the filter

  • Clean pump basket

          We always check and clean the pump basket and remove leaves

  • Backwash filter

          We perform a backwash and rinse on the filtration unit (sand filters)

  • Check pH

          We test the pool water to ensure that the water isn't too acidic or too alkali 

  • Check Chlorine

          We test the chlorine levels as too much chlorine can be harmful to swim in

  • Check TA (Monthly)

          The Total Alkalinity is checked monthly to prevent pH bounce and to make the water comfortable for swimmers

  • Adjust pH (Acid/Soda Ash)

          We use the necessary chemicals to balance the pool water

  • Adjust Chlorine (if needed)

          In the event there is no chlorine in the water, we dose the pool according to the volume of water

  • Brush walls and Steps

          Brushing the walls helps prevent the buildup of green algae and black algae

  • Report faults and leaks

          We report all leaks and faults to our customer as soon as we discover them

  • Record service data on log sheets

          We keep a record of every service, how long we were there for, what the test results were and what chemicals we used in the pool.

  • Do final quality inspection