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The IntelliFlo Swimming Pool Pump changes its flow rates to adapt to changing conditions. It maintains the best flow rates for your pool’s specific needs.

The pump performs so that all other components of your pool work more consistently to keep your pool paradise looking its best through all four seasons.

The IntelliFlo Pump assists pool filters to maintain crystal clear water, water features to achieve a consistent flow, and allows all other pool equipment to perform more efficiently. All of these performance benefits will have your pool looking its best; however the biggest benefit of having the IntelliFlo Pump is the long term savings it offers.

When this pump is compared to the more traditional, single or two-speed pumps, its constant changing and adapting allows for enormous energy savings. Not only does the IntelliFlo give you up to 90% greater energy savings, but it also allows the different components of the pool to have a longer lifespan, encouraging even greater savings.

Our team at Blupool have tried and tested the IntelliFlo Pump in order to bring the best equipment to your pool. We recommend that all our clients invest in the IntelliFlo Pump to experience the performance and saving benefits. The Blupool team is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have about this revolutionary product.

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Salt Water Chlorinators have been around for over 30 years. They are a marvelous invention. Turning salt water into chlorine! What is the most efficient way to sanitize your swimming pool water? Definatley the Salt Chlorinator.

Issues with salt chlorinators in the past is that they don't last that long, the cells clog up easily, one never knows if they're not working or why they're not working. Finally, a Salt Chlorinator worth its salt, so to speak.

The advantages of the Pentair iChlor 30

  • It tells you when to add salt. It can run off relatively low salt levels (2600ppm - 3600ppm) - Ideal being 3600ppm
  • It has an advanced 'No Flow' switch which disconnects the cell when the water flow is too weak. (The cheaper salt chlorinators have water sensors which malfunction and can cause the chlorinator to blow up or burn out)
  • It cleans itself. Properly.
  • It's small and compact and it can fit into small spaces.
  • You can literally adjust it to any size pool, even a small spa. (Max 114kl)
  • It's intelligent enough to switch off when you cover your pool so that you don't over-chlorinate the water.

The advantages are endless. Buy a good quality salt chlorinator now.

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Crystal Clear Economy Chlor - Salt Water Chlorinators

Salt water chlorination is the solution to most pool problems. It ensures that your pool has constant and consistent sanitation, and eliminates the need for you to purchase granular chlorine. This can be a considerable saving if you calculate what you would spend on chlorine for your swimming pool in a two year period.

The Crystal Clear Economy Chlor salt chlorinator separates itself from competing brands as it has a five year warranty on the cell (electrode). This is a digital self-cleaning salt water chlorinator and features 10 output settings. It also has a built in timer with a battery backup allowing you to run the unit for fewer hours than you run the swimming pool pump, preserving the life span of the cell.

For crystal clear swimming pool water, turn to salt water chlorination.

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The new Blue Riiot is easy pool water testing and puts an end to expired test strips and test kit solutions. Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning and getting a message from your iPhone or any smart phone telling you that your swimming pool water is perfect, or your pool water balance needs maintenance? It tells you the temperature of your pool water, what the pH and chlorine levels are. It also tells you how much salt your pool water has (for those with salt water chlorinators). It doesn't stop there, it knows how big your pool is, what type of surface it has and exactly how much of which chemical you need to add in order to balance your pool water perfectly.

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The key to maintaining your swimming pool is to keep your water balanced. Success in swimming pool maintenance is being pro-active instead of re-active. The Blue Riiot gives you the critical information you need before your pool goes green. Some might say I've just changed my sand but my pool is still green. Or I've just bought a new pool pump and I still cannot get my water to clear up. Well, the truth is that you could have state-of-the-art swimming pool equipment, but if you don't regularly test your pool water, it will go green, cloudy, and will cost you more in chemicals.

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Chlorine
  • Salinity

If you are paying a swimming pool company R700 to R1000 per month to maintain your pool, the Blue Riiot pool water tester is probably the best investment you could make. It takes the guesswork out of 'how much acid do I need to add to my pool?' and 'how much chlorine does my pool need?' No more buying new test strips and test kit solutions every summer. Just look at your smart phone for all your swimming pool answers.

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This great product will help you remove any unsightly stains that you may have in your pool.

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 No more messing with chemicals, no more unsightly stains, quick and easy. 

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